Dads, Dads and more Dads

I’m lucky enough to have two Dads, my dad dad and my stepdad. Obviously my dad dad has been in my life my whole life, duh, but my step dad has been in it 12 years and we love him. He’s just a member of the family, he is no different to my dad dad. 


My Favourite Tattoo Care Products

So I love tattoos, I think we may have established that. I get tattoos that I love, some are planned, others aren’t, some have meanings and some don’t. I wanted tattoos when I was a teenager but I was far to scared to take the plunge and I didn’t have any until I was in my 30’s! Hubby calls it my midlife crisis.

I call it, life’s too short.


Growing up in the 80’s #2

I decided to continue with the 80’s theme after this post in May Growing up in the 80’s It got me thinking technology which didn’t exist or wasn’t available to the general public when I was born, for ease I have only gone through the 80’s and 90’s I haven’t even looked at the naughties yet! This list also is mostly a UK timeline, cause ya know, that’s where I live.
This made me feel old but I know a lot of my readers will relate and for those of you who can’t remember when these didn’t exist, I promise you, there was a time when we didn’t all have smartphones and TV on demand!

Oh and the # meant number, not hashtagoldlady.


This or That Challenge

I was tagged for this challenge by Fiona from Sunshine, Raindrops and Tea in the Garden, Fiona’s Blog is a little like mine, a more personal adventure in life, but Fiona has a few other things thrown in as well, reviews, products, really excellent advice. If you can go and give Fiona’s blog a read and a follow, Thanks Fiona! 

The This or That challenge, is precisely that, you answer This or That.


Blog Schedule Sorted

hey everyone! after just under a week off I’m back on the blog. 

I think I have decided on my schedule going forward, however this may change depending on how much I love doing it.