How not to train your german shepherd and other life lessons

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Daphnes Diary

Nope, I haven’t changed my name to Daphne, this is a magazine I subscribe to and it’s wonderful. 

As you may know I love to make things and I love papercraft, I also have mental health issues and need to find ways to relax and be mindful. Well Daphnes Diary ticks all of these boxes and more.


Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling is becoming more and more popular. I’ve kept a bullet journal on and off for a couple of years now but this year is the first I have kept it going. 

A bullet journal, or BuJo as the cool kids call them, is just a notebook or diary which you keep track of whatever you like in. There are no pre-printed pages or dates

Mental Health Awareness

May 2018 is Mental Health Month in the US, in the UK we only have a week from the 14th to the 20th May, a week?????? 

Although I think awareness events are great, we should be aware of mental health all the time. Not only the people who live with a mental illness but everyone. 

Life Assessment

I have a couple of chronic health issues. Recently I have had to come to terms with being unable to work, for an employer, full time.

This admission has made me really look at my life and what I want out of it.

Well, I want to be happy, who doesn’t? No one know wakes up and says “you know what? I really feel like being miserable”.

Home makeover

When we moved into our house last summer, the only rooms I didn’t decorate were the spare room, or as it’s known in my family spare oom, and the office/gym/dog room.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been revamping both rooms. First was spare oom, wallpaper, paint and total furniture upcycle.

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