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Festive Mental Health

So first things first, mental health and mental illness are not the same thing. 

Everyone has mental health whilst only some of us have mental illness. 


Daphnes Diary

Nope, I haven’t changed my name to Daphne, this is a magazine I subscribe to and it’s wonderful. 

As you may know I love to make things and I love papercraft, I also have mental health issues and need to find ways to relax and be mindful. Well Daphnes Diary ticks all of these boxes and more.

What is Spoon Theory?

Spoon theory is a measure of energy used by people with a chronic illness. 

Many people of have either a physical or mental illness may refer to themselves as a spoonie and you may see or hear things about it, but what is it? 

Morning Routine

Routine is important to me. It’s important to manage my mental and physical health and it’s all become a bit lost recently. 

My routine generally has gone, and I need routine. Routine keeps me healthy and happy, even if others might think it restricts what I do, it allows me to manage my medical conditions so they don’t overwhelm me or become worse. 

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