How not to train your german shepherd and other life lessons

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I use Instagram all the time, like all the time. 
I love taking and looking at photographs, my home office is full of photo’s in frames.


Growing up in the 80’s #7

Ah School in the 80’s, bliss. 

I know a lot of the time people look back on their childhood through rose tinted spectacles, and maybe there is a little of that here but I do think school during the 80’s was simpler, less pressure on the children and we didn’t have the technology we have now. 

Growing up in the 80’s #6

I know I’ve been quiet over September, writers blog! It seems to be clearing now and I am planning to do blogtober, YAY! 

This 80’s post is a little different from my usual, it’s not about me. I am delighted to have the very first guest blogger on Phigella, Kari from Family By Choice please do check out Kari’s site, it’s amazing!

Adulting Sucks

Seriously, who’d want to be an adult? I still don’t think of myself as the adult, I spend a lot of time looking for the adult and realising that it’s me. Paying bills, thinking about council tax, paying the tax man – that one really sucks, urgh. 


Last week I went on holiday with my friend and her son. We didn’t go far, just 20 miles from home to a caravan park on the Solway Coast. 

I love caravans, my grandparents had a tour’er when I was young and used to take it away regularly. If my sisters and I didn’t go with them, mum and dad would always take us out for the day to see them , particularly when they went to the Lake District. 

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