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Fun days with Mum

Mum and I have a lot of fun together, by fun I mean crafting. Mum literally makes hundreds of things and her house is like a craft shop, full to bursting with supplies! 

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I spent a fantastic day with mum dyeing fibres. We used cotton, linen, wool and others I can’t remember.


Moving to Scotland

Nope, I’m not moving, I already live here but, I did move 23 years ago!

Back in the early 90’s my mum and dad owned and ran their own business. It started in our garage but soon grew and they needed to rent larger premises. 

Now, I’m originally from Cheshire and property in Cheshire can be a bit pricey. Mum and dad felt it was time for a move and started looking for properties. 

So, Dad…

Does lots of funny things. 

That isn’t an exaggeration, he really does. This is a new series on the blog where I will talk about all the funny things my dad does. 

Now, I love my dad, I’ve been a daddy’s girl my whole life and I’ve told my dad i’m doing this, which he’s fine with. 

Growing up in the 80’s #6

I know I’ve been quiet over September, writers blog! It seems to be clearing now and I am planning to do blogtober, YAY! 

This 80’s post is a little different from my usual, it’s not about me. I am delighted to have the very first guest blogger on Phigella, Kari from Family By Choice please do check out Kari’s site, it’s amazing!

Growing up in the 80’s #5

Hello All! Yes another 80’s post. This one however is fueled by a current news about junk food advertising, you can read the full story here:  BBC News

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s cereal, sweets, crisps, hell even supermarket layouts were aimed at children getting their parents to buy products. You got toys and collectibles in your cereal, remember those days? Fighting with your siblings about who got to open a new box of cereal first and therefore get the toy?

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