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My Anxious Brain

Apologies for today’s post being a little later than usual, I’m literally sitting writing this. I’ve had a bit of a mental health blip. 

I didn’t feel great yesterday, just tired so took it easy and when I went to bed last night, felt OK. 


Stationery Geek

I have loved stationery since i was about 4. Whenever we would visit anywhere with a gift shop I always bought a pencil and a notepad, or some form of stationery. 

You are Important

Self care has a major impact on my health. Not only my mental health but also my physical health. Realising the importance of myself has been one of the biggest achievements in the last year. 

Mental Health Awareness

May 2018 is Mental Health Month in the US, in the UK we only have a week from the 14th to the 20th May, a week?????? 

Although I think awareness events are great, we should be aware of mental health all the time. Not only the people who live with a mental illness but everyone. 

Arty, Farty Birthday Gifts

I’ve spent the last week getting very arty indeed. 

My cousin turns 21 at the beginning of May and her present from me is a scrapbook. There are 21 spreads, all covered in photo’s, art prints, art by me and other crafty handmade things. 

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