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The Kindness of Strangers

I’ve been feeling very depressed recently, I’ve been out of my routine and that just hasn’t helped this particular bought. I have now managed to get my morning routine back in place, phew! 

I’ve been having some trouble for a few weeks now but I am slowly starting to come out from under the fog. These things take time and understanding friends and family, fortunately I have those. 


Morning Routine

Routine is important to me. It’s important to manage my mental and physical health and it’s all become a bit lost recently. 

My routine generally has gone, and I need routine. Routine keeps me healthy and happy, even if others might think it restricts what I do, it allows me to manage my medical conditions so they don’t overwhelm me or become worse. 

Feeling off

I haven’t been feeling myself for a couple of weeks now. It’s my depression and anxiety and I know it will go away but I need to help it go away. 

I know when I get like this that being active helps, massively helps, but, I can’t get myself to do anything, or doing things is a real struggle. 

Can’t be bothered

There are some days that I just can’t be bothered and that feeling can continue for a few days, weeks or months depending on how my health is. At the moment I’ve been in can’t be arsed mode for about 2 weeks. 

I can’t sleep

This post will go live on Monday at 10am BST, however, it is being written on Sunday at 11.13pm BST (I’m normally asleep by 9.30pm) because I can’t sleep.

Hubby and I had a great weekend away and we were so tired when we got home this afternoon that we fell asleep for about 3 hours, worst thing ever. 

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