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Growing up in the 80’s #4

Welcome to another stroll down memory lane. This post is going to look at my favourite 80’s movies, these are movies which were made and I watched as a child in the 80’s rather than 80’s movies in general as that’s a very very very very very long list and could take a lot of time. 

In the last 80’s post, you can find that here my sister mentioned the film mannequin, well, I’m not actually the biggest fan of that film, dun dun dun! I have others which I love and I really wish people would stop re-making films, they were great the first time, stop messing with them! 


Growing up in the 80’s #3

Yes I’m posting another growing up in the 80’s blog, I grew up in that decade and I loved it. My family and I did so many amazing things in the 80’s and I have so many things to talk about that it’s difficult to narrow it down.

This morning I WhatsApp’d the little sister to ask her what I should write about next, I then went for a shower…

Growing up in the 80’s

Yes, I was born in the 80’s and spent most of my childhood in them. I have 2 sisters, mum, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We lived on a modern housing estate in Cheshire (not the posh bit). All pretty normal and very 2.4 kids blah blah blah.

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