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Growing up in the 80’s #11 Birthdays

Both little sister and me have birthdays in March, 2 days apart! My mum was throwing me a 4th birthday party 2 days before little ….


Growing up in the 80’s #8

Back in the 80’s MP3 players did not exist, dun dun dun!

Most music came on an LP or a tape, CD’s were only just invented and buying a single was pretty expensive. You had to be really sure you liked a song before you went and bought it. 

Growing up in the 80’s #7

Ah School in the 80’s, bliss. 

I know a lot of the time people look back on their childhood through rose tinted spectacles, and maybe there is a little of that here but I do think school during the 80’s was simpler, less pressure on the children and we didn’t have the technology we have now. 

Growing up in the 80’s #6

I know I’ve been quiet over September, writers blog! It seems to be clearing now and I am planning to do blogtober, YAY! 

This 80’s post is a little different from my usual, it’s not about me. I am delighted to have the very first guest blogger on Phigella, Kari from Family By Choice please do check out Kari’s site, it’s amazing!

Growing up in the 80’s #5

Hello All! Yes another 80’s post. This one however is fueled by a current news about junk food advertising, you can read the full story here:  BBC News

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s cereal, sweets, crisps, hell even supermarket layouts were aimed at children getting their parents to buy products. You got toys and collectibles in your cereal, remember those days? Fighting with your siblings about who got to open a new box of cereal first and therefore get the toy?

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