Snowfall and Fires

We’ve had a little snow over the last week or so and it’s been lovely. I love snow, it gives you a good reason to stay in, start the fire and watch old movies. 


Exercise is good for you

Really? Does someone wanna tell my legs that.

I’ve finally got back on my crosstrainer, first time in 6 months! I’ve done 4k for 2 days in a row, 2! I must be mad. My thighs hate me, my bum hates me but you know what? I love it. 

Garden organisation and planning

YES! It’s January and time to start planning the garden. 

I created my own garden journal/to do list/seed index, so that I can keep track of everything all in one place. I’ve already made my seed list and task list for January and I’m about half way through. 

Horses and Holidays

The festive season has been and gone for another year, thank the lord! 

I do love the holidays it’s just that there so stressful, cooking and eating and who’s coming and when and who’s going and where, it’s just so much pressure for what is supposed to be a relaxing and jolly time of year.

Lady Like Laura

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