How not to train your german shepherd and other life lessons

The art of homemade

This year I am making several Christmas presents for people. I love making things but I never seem to make the time, making things for others gives me the excuse to make time. The image on this post is my craft desk, it’s the first room you come to in our house and contains the dog crate and my gym equipment so it always looks a little cramped, but I love it.



What makes you confident? I have been thinking about this a lot today thanks to my sister. She is attending an event next week and has to give a presentation about confidence. 

Autumn Baby

Ah Autumn. Possibly my favourite season…. eeerrr who am I kidding, I pretty much love all of them for different reasons. There is however, something about Autumn that is a little more special, even magical.


Why did I start this blog? Well why not, I have a lot of information in my head and sometimes it gets a bit crowded. I need an outlet for the crazy thoughts and ideas that I have and my bullet journal wasn’t quite enough. I’m dreadful at writing in a journal, I’d never write this in one, but, doing this feels like talking to someone even if I’m not and never am.

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