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Ironing as a form of self-care

Ironing as a form of self-care

I very recently started ironing, when I say recent I mean in the last 3 years. Before this i didn’t iron, I hated ironing and bought clothes that I wouldn’t have to iron!

When I started ironing it was a by-product of organising my wardrobe.

Over the last 15 years my weight has gone up and down, up and down and then up again so I had a lot of clothes in all sizes I have ever been.

I’ve long since given up diets or trying to lose weight, I have medications which hamper weight lose and to be honest, I don’t care, I quite like being fat, I can eat cake!

So after accepting that I was just meant to be a larger lady I organised my wardrobe, something which does happen at least once a year anyway.

Because of the amount of stuff crammed into my wardrobe everything was wrinkled. So I had a good clear out and then ironed everything which was going back in. Somehow that turned into the habit of ironing most of my clothes when they came out of the wash.

Ironing is actually very relaxing. Your physically moving and yet you can’t really do anything else and I’ve found it works really well as a bit of self care.

For an hour I will listen to an audiobook or put something on the telly and just iron. At the end of it I genuinely feel relaxed, I’ve achieved something, been active and kept my brain occupied for an hour, plus my clothes are wrinkled.

There are few times when I really switch off, having my hair done, being tattooed, pamper evenings and ironing.

So there, who’d have thought ironing could be self-care? I encourage you all to have wrinkle free clothing, it’ll aid your mental health.

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  1. Ironing… I don’t think I could ever call it relaxing myself but I have however recently taken to putting my old CD player on and either put an old CD on (a Christina Aguilera throwback happened while ironing a few weeks ago) or put the radio on. x

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