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Recently I’ve been playing with felt, not pre-made felt but Needle Felting.

I tried needle felting last summer and really enjoyed it but never did anything about it as, well, I have enough hobbies.

Spraining my ankle twice in 1 month however meant I had to find things to occupy myself which did not require my feet, needle felting does not require feet, although if you could hold the needle with your toes you could do it with your feet.

You don’t need much to get started, needle felting needles, pre-felt, a foam block and some coloured un-spun wool, all things you can find at various places online although I have linked what I can from Amazon below.

You can create anything you like, I started my messing about with the lavender pictured above but I’ve also created a beach scene and a wildflower meadow.

This felting lark is pretty fun, I’ve also tried making some felted soap, which is also fun to do, really easy and is helping to save the planet, if you’ve never heard of felted soap check out Living Felt’s site, they not only have great tutorials for all sorts of felt projects but also sell felting supplies.

So I now have a new hobby, felting things! I really have no idea how I ever achieve anything with the number of hobbies I have, oh well, it could be worse, I could suffer from utter boredom.

See Ya!


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