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Errrr, so, yeah…

Errrr, so, yeah…

It’s been a while, since the 11th June to be exact, oops.

I’d love to say I’ve been busy but I haven’t really, I’ve just been procrastinating and depressed.

What I have realised in the last 6 weeks is that I need to make myself do things. I know that I need routine in my life and when I have it I feel better but it can be hard to make yourself do things when you feel crap.

As you’ll know at the beginning of June I sprained my ankle, well if you follow my Instagram you will know that I sprained it again 4 weeks later, yay, well done me, can I have a round of applause please?

I have made a couple of videos which are up on my Youtube channel, mostly garden related at the moment and I’ve been busy making products for the Etsy shop, It’s closed at the moment but will re-open at the beginning of September!

So, you see, not doing nothing but also spending a lot of time watching Prime, hmmm. I’ve watched all available series of Elementary and I’m now on Homeland, I could do other things whilst I have the telly on and for the past 2 weeks I have, prior to this however, no, nothing, nada, not a thing!

So I have decided that today, 29th July, I will attempt to bring back my routine when I’m not at the day job. Setting myself a work schedule for my working for me days and trying to stick to it. I started at 9am this morning and it’s now 11am, I’ve edited a video and I’ve written this so win!

Next on the task list is to edit some photo’s I took for the new shop products and then start drafting the listings for then, urgh, that’s the part I hate, it’s just so boring and it requires me to say all good things about what I’ve made – difficult when your brain tells you you’re crap.

Anyway, here are some photo’s I took last week, enjoy!

See Ya!


4 thoughts on “Errrr, so, yeah…

  1. It’s easy to get in a slump and just sit and do nothing. I always find writing to do lists make me do things quicker than if it’s not on a list as I like the sense of achievement when I tick it off x

  2. I know this is an older post (I’ve had a big hiatus from blogging, doing some catching up!) so your feelings may have changed by now, but your Etsy items are fantastic! You are very talented (especially with those dream catchers omg), so don’t listen to that inner critic xxx

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