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Being an Auntie

Being an Auntie

Yes I’m an Auntie, woo hoo! The tiny human is so much fun and loves Auntie Pip, it’s cause I’m amazing, I know.

I have so many things I want to do with the tiny human and my sister has already been warned that tiny human will be allowed to do what tiny human wants when with auntie pip, that’s what aunties are for right?

Part of the advantage of being the aunt or uncle or grandparent is so that you can have all the fun and then hand them back.

We know I’m not a child friendly person, I don’t want my own and honestly after watching my sister and the tiny human I really don’t want my own, tiny people are hard.

I’ve been baby sitting for a few months now once a week, which I love, but I also love when I drop the tiny human home and I can do what I want, so yeah, good job i’m the auntie and sisters the mum.

I’ve started gathering ideas for tiny human crafts and playtime, things to do during holidays and sleep overs etc, my sister is going to love all of the homemade crap that tiny human brings her from Auntie pips house.

I just love being an Auntie, I can’t wait for the sister to have more tiny humans!

See Ya!

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