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New Tattoos

New Tattoos

The first weekend in April saw me and my friend Becca, attend the annual Northlakes Tattoo Show, YAS!

This is the 3rd year Becca and I have been, the first year was an accident, but the last 2 years have been planned.

We both ended up with 4 new tattoos this year, 1 I had planned and 3 I hadn’t, oops.

This year we went for 2 days rather than 1, the Friday and Saturday, it was much better doing this as we didn’t feel we had to rush anything. If we’d only gone for 1 day we may not have had 4 tattoos but who cares.

I love our annual tattoo weekend. I collect my Becca from the bus on the Friday and head to the show, then we go back to mine which is only half an hour away, the same on the Saturday and then lounge around for the rest of the weekend.

This year after doing 2 days at the show rather than one there was defiantly a tattoo hangover on the Sunday. This is very much the same as an alcohol induced hangover just without the alcohol.

In previous years we’ve undertaken a snack shop on the way home from the show and this year was no different, only our snack shopping wasn’t sufficient enough.

Sunday morning rolled around and we both woke up with a hankering for food which wasn’t in the house, it was still in the shop, where we’d forgotten to buy it.

After about an hour we threw some clothes on and went to the supermarket for snacks, I say snacks, what I mean is 40 quids worth of utter junk, all except Becca’s chicken wings, she really wanted chicken wings.

We also bought a couple of DVD’s, Becca hadn’t seen Moana (I know, she’s been living under a rock, well actually reading a ridiculous quantity of books but same thing), so we bought Moana, went home and then lay in bed and ate and napped and did absolutely bugger all, it was great.

On Sunday night we started to plan for next years adventure, we have a notebook and we have lists, I love a list but this should help us plan for next years show, when we will also be going to 2 days!

All of my new tattoos are healing well, I tried a new healing cream this year which I really like and a couple of the artists we saw covered our tattoos in Dermalize which is almost like a second skin and is wonderful stuff, we are going to buy a roll for next year as it made life much easier and the healing process far less scabby.

So all in all a great weekend and both Becca and I are looking forward to next year.

See Ya!

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