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DIY Desk Tidy

DIY Desk Tidy

I have a lot of stuff on my desk, a lot of stuff.

It’s all important stuff, and stuff I use all the time but there’s still a lot of it.

I have a few desk tidies, most are storage boxes or mugs but I needed something else and something which was reasonably large and would hold a lot of said stuff, so i decided to make my own.

It’s really easy to do and you probably have everything you might need already, if not, nothing to make this is too expensive.

So, what will you need to make this fabulous desk adornment?

What you will need:

  • an old cardboard box
  • some strips of cardboard for dividers
  • toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes
  • masking tape
  • glue
  • paper napkins

How to:

1.First, decide what size you would like your desk tidy to be.

2.Cut your cardboard box to the required size and tape together.


3.Slot in your dividers and tubes where you want them, then glue and tape it all together.


4.Once the glue is dry you can start to decorate it using paper, paper napkins, paint, anything you want.

5.Cut or rip your paper into smallish strips and using watered down PVA glue each piece all over the cardboard inside and out.

6.Once dry you can cover the whole thing in a coat of full strength glue or Modpodge if you have it just to protect the outside, and wallah! Desk Tidy.



You can use anything you like to make a desk tidy and there are numerous posts on Pinterest for other cardboard DIY items, have a search, some are amazing!

See Ya!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Desk Tidy

  1. I love this! I have a basket on my desk but I think something divided up like this may be even better.

  2. What a great little craft project. I am forever cursing my messy desk ad struggling to keep track of where I put things, so I definitely need to make one of these.

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