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The Big Spring Clean!

The Big Spring Clean!

Ok, you get it, I love cleaning.

There’s nothing quite like a spotless house to make you feel good. Cleaning helps me to keep my mind clear and if I’m feeling down or stressed it makes me feel better.

I follow Mrs Hinch on Instagram and oh my word that woman can clean!

A few weeks ago she posted about using  a squeegee to clean your carpets so naturally I had to try it.

Having two dogs and living in the countryside my carpets get covered in all sorts.

This squeegee trick is amazing, I got so much fluff and hair off my carpets it was amazing.

I will do a major spring clean at the beginning of April. I will go through each room, move each piece of furniture and clean under it, round it and usually it itself.

Throw the windows wide open and let the fresh air circulate, ah I can smell it now, can’t wait.

Before all this cleaning can happen however I need to replenish my cleaning supplies, again something I love doing, buying cleaning supplies, literally going to dream about cleaning supplies now.

See Ya!


2 thoughts on “The Big Spring Clean!

  1. Wow! Is that what the Hoover left behind? I have four cats and two dogs gotta try this! Also going to go follow Mrs. Hitch!

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