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Growing up in the 80’s #11 Birthdays

Growing up in the 80’s #11 Birthdays

Both little sister and me have birthdays in March, 2 days apart!

My mum was throwing me a 4th birthday party 2 days before little sister arrived in the world, and it was a picnic on the dining room floor party for that matter.

We have always had birthday parties, cake, balloons, party bags, games, possibly a bouncy castle, or a funny man in a gorilla suit (aka dad) and lots of friends.

Little sister and I always had separate birthday parties despite our birthdays being so close together.

We would have cycling parties, mum and dad would throw 12 children and their bikes in the car and trailer, ok maybe not 12, but that’s what it felt like. We would go along to the cycle track and cycle, stopping to look at the ponds and saying hello to all the dogs.

At a certain point along the cycle track there was a picnic spot, we often went to the cycle track even when it wasn’t a birthday so used to have picnics a lot. We would get to the picnic spot around lunchtime and there would be Nana and Grandad with birthday cake and party bags and all the other things which go along with birthday parties.

Mum always made our birthday cakes and they were always something amazing. We had a particular cake decorating book which we would go through and pick our cake for that year, at one time or another each of the cakes in the book has been created.

We’ve had ballet shoes, clowns, rabbits, the little old lady who live in a shoe, that was my 4th birthday cake and I ate all the fondant babies off the cake before the party started.

The cake making has continued and mum still makes each of us a birthday ‘cake’, it isn’t always cake nowadays, one year I asked for a plate of my mums toffee buns, sooo good.

And, of course there was the party dress. I loved having a party dress. I had a particular dress when I was around 5 or 6 which was pink on the top and then a white pleated skirt which swished out when I twirled and I loved it.

Little sister wasn’t so much the party dress kind, she was more shorts and a nerf gun.

I loved my birthdays as a child and it’s stayed with me, I still love my birthday, it’s my day, I can do whatever I want cause it’s my day.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do for my birthday this year but I do know what cake I’d like.

Mum, please may I have a batch of your coconut buns, thanks xx

See Ya!



4 thoughts on “Growing up in the 80’s #11 Birthdays

  1. Ahh loved reading this, its lovely to have fond memories to look back on. I remember a couple of birthday cakes I had, one was a cat with pink icing and I think Mum often used to make a clock one so if you were three it would be 3 o’clock etc!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday this year doing all the things you enjoy xx

  2. Hi!! Im from the states and in our family we have Birthday Pie! Mmmmm. Would you ask your mom to share her coconut buns recipe? Here buns are usually either bread for sandwiches or hamburgers – or cinnamon rolls.

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