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Highlands Holiday

Highlands Holiday

As you might know I live in Scotland, south west corner to be exact. I love all of Scotland, you just can’t beat it, the air, mountains, lochs, coastline, it’s all just breathtaking.

Hubby and I used take regular road trips around Scotland, we would book a different hotel each night and just drive around, visit places, take photo’s and generally just have a great time.

The last time we did a long trip, more than 2 nights, was in 2012! And the last time we went on an actual holiday together was 2016, 3 freaking years ago.

Well earlier in the year I booked a holiday, hurrah. We are going on a road trip to the far north and travelling around the north west coast, the North Coast 500 to be precise.

Hubby used to live in the north east and we’ve been to Inverness a lot, it’s one of our favourite places and I’ve been up to Thurso for work but never as a tourist.

So, we’re starting in Inverness on the Monday night then up to Thurso, right around the coast to Ullapool and then back down the west coast to Fort William.

There are so many things I want to see, the Assynt Caves, the Glenfinnan viaduct which, even after all of our trips north and west I have never been to see in daylight! We drove past it one year but it was pitch black as we were looking for Red Deer.

There are also various castles and ruins and beaches, oh I just can’t wait.

Hubby is going to find a big comfy car for us to go in, mine is too small and rattly for a long journey, I’ve asked for something high up so I can see over walls and things, you get a better view and, well, I’m just nosy.

I will write about it after we’ve been but you can be sure Instagram will be flooded with pictures, well, when a phone signal becomes available that is.

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4 thoughts on “Highlands Holiday

  1. Love Scotland (still need to convince Mrs C to move), gorgeous beaches past Glenfinnan up to Morar. We planned the North Coast 500 last year but the campervan company went bust 3 weeks prior to going so never happened. We went to Orkney last September so did the eastern part, ended up making notes of the places we want to revisit when we do the NC500.

    1. Oh that’s such a shame! We’ve wanted to do the route for a long time but have never been able to until now. I’d love to go to Shetland, that’s somewhere else we’ve never been

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