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Colds are the worst

Colds are the worst

All of last week I had a cold, a really lovely snotty one.

Stuffed up sinuses, sore throat, tired, headache urgh.

I think colds are one of the worst things we can catch, not because it’s going to kill us, or because it makes us so ill that we need to be hospitalised, but because we feel that we should still be able to do things when we’ve got one.

It’s a guilt thing, of it’s only a cold.

Only a cold, pah! Colds make you tired, sore, cranky and generally feel horrible for a few days and yet, we go to work , the supermarket, out for dinner when we have them because we feel that we should.

Well I say no more! (this from the women who went to work and out for a social event with hers). Colds make you feel horrid and you shouldn’t feel bad for taking some time to get yourself better.

I am now getting over mine, I’m still a bit snotty but not bad and i don’t feel bad anymore. If you have a cold, remember to relax, drink plenty of fluids and of course ensure your house is stocked with plenty of biscuits cause who wants to eat apples when their sick?

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