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Garden Update

Garden Update

Well so far most of March has been a bust as far as gardening goes, well gardening outdoors anyway.

It’s been windy and rainy for a couple of weeks now and we’ve had some pretty nasty storms, one of which took out my growhouse.

I gave up my polytunnel when we moved house as it was physically too much for me to manage anymore. I got myself a couple of small growhouses, mainly for hardening seedlings off in, but also just to give myself a little growing space.

The wind last week took them out.

Now it didn’t damage the growhouse itself, but it did knock it over, if it hadn’t been weighted down with a concrete slab it would probably be long gone.

I had seedlings in it when it got knocked over, booo.

I’ve managed to salvage some of them today and some I can re-sow as it’s not too late but it’s annoying.

Gardeners are eternal optimists, we have to be, if we weren’t we’d never try growing anything ever again. So, it will all be ok, it’s only seedlings after all.

On a brighter note though I did get my patio planted with some new alpines which will be so pretty once they’ve grown and spread a little. I also got the flower borders weeded and ready for when my seedlings are eventually ready.

All I have to sort out now is the front garden, I only have 2 small beds in the front and the burn, AKA stream.

The two flower beds just need a weed but the burn is a whole load of work.

I want to put lots of rocks up the banks and plant as many native bog plants as possible. The burn drys up pretty easily in summer but the ground is always boggy. I need to do some research on native bog plants though so I can figure out what I need.

I shall keep you all updated with my progress and make sure to follow my Instagram for all the life updates!

See Ya!


4 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. It really hasn’t been gardening weather recently and it’s already March! Too much wind, I thought about going outside yesterday but the bucket thing I use would have probably blown across the road, It’s a shame what happened to the seeds, hopefully some will still grow okay.

    1. It’s been so windy and wet here that I really haven’t got much done, could do with this weekend being dry so I can get some weeding done

  2. Sorry you’ve been having so much trouble with the weather! We’ve had really high winds for a couple of days as well, and were just thankful to keep our power on!

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