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My Dear, you have the Grimm

My Dear, you have the Grimm

Yep, I created a DIY Grimm cup.

If you don’t know what this is then clearly you need to read Harry Potter, yes, it’s another Harry Potter DIY.

This was really easy to do. I picked up a plain white tea cup at my local charity shop, you could use any tea cup, I just liked these little white ones, then using a black Sharpie I dotted the pattern on and Ta Da!

I’ve given this to the little sister to add to her Harry Potter collection, which is quite big, the entire family have been buying her Harry Potter related items for quite a long time.

Everyone in my family is Harry Potter mad, mum, little sister and myself have read the books who knows how many times and I listen to them on repeat on Audible.

The stories just make me happy, the whole wizarding world makes me happy.

I know a lot of people who feel the same way about Harry Potter.

They can calm me down when I’m anxious, cheer me up when I’m sad and just allow me to escape, although I would like the wizarding world to exist in reality and for Hogwarts to send me a letter saying, oops, we forgot to send this to you when you were 11, ahhhh I can dream.

Oh well, for now I will just need to continue with my DIY’s.

See Ya!


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