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My Goldfish is an Idiot.

My Goldfish is an Idiot.

I’m not kidding, he really is. Well, I actually have no idea what sex any of my fish are, I decided on their names and genders when I got them and that’s that.

I have 3 Goldfish, 1 Oranda called George and 2 Black Moors called Rodney and Maud, oh and a Weather Loach called Nigel.

My Goldfish have personalities, George is very playful, likes long naps and tube worms. Maud is refined and slightly haughty and thinks Rodney and George are idiots, Rodney is an idiot.

Rodney has to be the most stupid fish ever, hes so adorable.

He comes to the glass at feeding time and, despite the fact that their food floats he will follow me around and then hunt on the bottom of the tank for his food, see idiot.

My Goldfish tank has a combination of gravel and pebbles at the bottom and Rodney likes to dig around in the pebbles for any bits of food he may have missed.

Well, one night a few weeks ago when I was going to bed I noticed that Rodney was very subdued. I looked in the tank but couldn’t see anything obvious so carried on with my night time routine.

A couple of minutes later I realised that Rodney wasn’t breathing properly, he had a pebble lodged in his throat!!!

What the hell do you do with that? I couldn’t leave him, he wasn’t getting enough oxygen through his gills.

I shouted for hubby, who had had a couple of beers by this point of the evening, and we both stood, looked and pretty much went WTF!!!!!!!

We decided to extract the pebble, it was the only option.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to hold a Goldfish still to perform a pebble extraction but I can tell you, it’s not that easy.

I held Rodney in my hand just under the surface of the water and Hubby very carefully got hold of the stone with a pair of tweezers and removed it, hurrah Rodney was saved.

What was he doing 5 minutes later? Digging around in the stones for food, see idiot.

See Ya!


12 thoughts on “My Goldfish is an Idiot.

  1. That sounded so scary that your goldfish got a pebble stuck in his mouth! Very relieved that it didn’t stay there in him. I used to have common goldfish who loved to dig around the aquarium pebbles at the bottom. I would get nervous watching them as sometimes they would suck up a small pebble and spit it out, or sometimes take a second or two longer to actually spit it out because it would get stuck in their mouths. I saved myself the trouble by later changing out all the pebbles to bigger ones that they wouldn’t be able to get in their mouths.

  2. I guess they say gravel is not good for gold fish (news to me) and this is a rather common occurrence… crazy. We kept ours in gravel and never noticed this. Glad your fishie is okay <3

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