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So Dad… #4

So Dad… #4

… went to India

He goes to India every year, this year he left on the 6th January and returned at the end of February.

I know, 6 weeks in India, it’s alright for some. Dad’s retired and so gets to do pretty much whatever he likes, he also hates winter so tries not to spend it here.

Dad has been going to Goa and India for 13 years, first with my late step mum and then on his own. He has a group of friends who go out there each year around the same time so he has a whale of a time.

He also makes new friends very easily. Dad likes to chat to people, he in fact likes to chat over them, at them, to them, he just likes to talk. He also likes to have a good time, my dad is one of the happiest people I know.

He’s pretty much always happy, it takes a lot for him to get angry or annoyed, I’m the same.┬áHe can loose his temper but it’s back to normal in about 2 seconds. He always manages to be optimistic, even through his cancer he was happy.

I think part of the reason he is always happy is his cancer. He has beaten death twice and so doesn’t waste a second anymore.

He does what he wants, when and how.

This year in Goa he met a new friend and they went walking together. When he used to go with my step mum he spent a lot of time on the beach as that’s what she liked to do, but since he’s been going on his own he’s explored more.

For the last few years he’s rented a Triumph motorbike whilst he’s been out there, this year he wasn’t able to as he broke his ribs just before he went.

Dad loves motorbikes so for him this is a real treat, he almost bought one this year but managed to restrain himself.

You might be wondering how he would have shipped a motorbike home, well he wouldn’t.

He has friends, almost family really, who live in Goa and he’s left a lot of things over there over the years, this would have been the same. It would have stayed there so each year he had the ability to ride it whenever he liked.

I asked dad to send me wildlife photo’s whilst he was out there this year, he sent me a picture of a monkey and some cows, cows, really? Funny dad, funny.

Whilst I know dad enjoys being over there and with modern technology I can keep in touch with him easily, I do worry about him when he’s there and I always feel slightly more relaxed when he’s home. Maybe it has to do with my fear of travelling or just the fact that he’s nearly died twice, whatever the reason I’m glad he’s home.

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