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Well, Spring seems to have sprung!

Officially spring starts at the solstice around the 21st March, but meteorologic-ally it starts on the 1st March, I never think of it like that though.

Having a interest in paganism and much older spiritual traditions, I don’t start to call it spring until after the 21st, although this year it seems to be a bit early.

In the UK you can never be quite sure about the weather, it changes so much and so quickly. The only way to be sure about it is to look out of the window in the morning.

We’ve had an unusually warm February this year, in fact some days it’s felt like summer. I’ve been able to put washing out on the line, I love being able to do that, there’s something about the smell of washing when it’s be dried outside.

Other signs of spring are showing to, we had to mow the lawn last week as the grass was getting long. Various bulbs are pushing up and the trees are starting the bud. I also saw my first lamb today, lambs are so cute!

One of the other signs of spring are the dogs moulting. There is hair everywhere, all the time. No matter how often I hoover, hair, wash blankets, hair, brush the loose hair out? yep you guessed it, hair.

I cannot wait for them to be finished and for the house to be back to a normal hair level.

I’ve sown lots of seeds over the past few weeks, some are in the house and others are now in the grow house outside, I still need to keep an eye on the overnight temperatures and if it drops too low, bring things in, but all of the seedlings seem to be doing very well.

Right, i’m off to hoover, again.

See Ya!




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