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More Harry Potter DIY plans

More Harry Potter DIY plans

I have so many HP DIY ideas.

The next on the list however are potions for my sisters friend, Sarah. I’m really excited about this one, I’ve wanted to create some potions for a while and this gives me an excuse.

Not that I need an excuse to create DIY’s but you know, this isn’t just for myself but for someone else.

I have created a few things recently for my Harry Potter bathroom and I will try and share those with you at some point.

I’m also in the process of making a Goblet of Fire for little sisters birthday YAY!

I found all the bottles in the picture at my local charity shop and I will paint and label etc in order to turn them into potion bottles.

Some will have potions in them and others wont. There’s no point putting a potion into the china bottles and you wont be able to see it, but I can get very creative with the glass bottles.

When little sister was here the other week we decided which bottle to use for which potion, I won’t tell you just yet what I’m making as Sarah reads this blog and that would be telling her, she does know I’m making them.

I’m just waiting for a couple of special bottles to arrive and then I can get started.

Make sure you follow my Instagram for updates and the finished project!

See Ya!



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