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DIY Tin Can Garden Lantern

DIY Tin Can Garden Lantern

I made myself a set of garden solar lanterns over this weekend and thought I’d share my how to.

What you will need:

  • Clean tin cans
  • Masking tape
  • Stanley Knife
  • Garden Wire
  • Solar Lights
  • Glue
  • Paint

How to:

Make sure your tin cans are clean, nothing worse than cold baked bean juice all over your hands.


Use the masking tape to measure your can round the top and mark equally all the way around with a pen, my cans were 24cm round so I marked every 2cm. Once your can is marked and taped, cut down the can using a stanley knife, please be very carefully when doing this part.


Nest you want to bend our your cut sections, again, be very careful when doing this.


The next step is optional, paint. I painted my cans as I wanted them to be blue. I just used emulsion as eventually I want them to look old, if you used metal paint however the colour would last a lot longer.

For the solar lights I bought a set of cheap stake lights and took the tops off. You then want to glue these to the bottom of the can.


Once the lights are glued in you then want to add some wire so the lantern can be hung, I used garden wire.


And that’s it, once it’s all dry you can hang them wherever you like!

Let me know if you make any of these.

See Ya!


5 thoughts on “DIY Tin Can Garden Lantern

  1. These are absolutely brilliant! What a perfect way to put your personal stamp on a functional idea. Thank you so much for sharing this! ♥

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