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Blogger January Blues

Blogger January Blues

Ah January, thankfully it’s now over but that doesn’t change the fact that January can be a long and difficult month for many people.

I think it’s a combination of the dark and cold and the come down post Christmas and New Year. It’s just difficult to get going and then keep going. If I could hibernate in my duvet for the whole of January I would. However, life doesn’t stop just because I want it to and we must all keep going.

As a blogger I have to say January has been a slog. It’s been difficult to write and get everything on schedule. I have managed to though, just from setting myself small tasks and not being to hard on myself if I don’t tick everything off my to do list.

Some of my blogging friends have very kindly provided their tips and ideas on how to beat the January blues.

Elle Goes Global

IMG_3232 (2)

January has always been a dark month for me, mood and energy wise. It’s the month after Christmas when I’ve overindulged, put on several pounds, overspent and it seems like a lifetime ago since I got paid.

All of this really brings my mood down and the dark mornings leave me wanting to spend the whole of January on a beach basking in the sunshine and failing that lying in my bed.

I’d really love to say I’m the kind of person who kicks arse in January but really this is something I try to do throughout the year and to work on methods that boost my mood as a blogger.

A key thing I’ve done this month to combat the January blues and reduce my stress is to set aside one evening a week just for myself.

I leave my phone in another room and enjoy reading a book or having a bubble bath. I’ve come off Instagram in the last few weeks it was putting me in a negative mindset in fact, in general I put less pressure on myself to blog, if I haven’t had the motivation to write I take the pressure off of myself, I focus on future travel plans that I might have and enjoy reading other bloggers posts for some ideas for my travel adventures.

So if you are feeling the January blues why not head over to Elle Goes Global to pick a destination that helps boost your mood. Travel is such a empowering tool

Victoria Austin


January is the month of a year where it’s like a fresh start in a lot of ways, you get to reflect and think about what you want to achieve in the year ahead, though I myself haven’t actually really set any goals yet for this year.

Over Christmas there’s pressure to not do anything, or at least that’s what I felt, to be honest I find it hard to press the off button sometimes (I was installing plugin on my blog on Boxing Day, see, no off button!) then new year came around and it’s like my motivation got put on pause, all this take a break over Christmas made me then very slow to get back into doing anything in January, so maybe the off button was working, it was just a bit off with it’s time setting!

I think I find as well in January, it might be the start of this brand new year but you still get dark evenings and it’s not gardening weather either (I love being out in the garden) so it all just feels a bit unproductive, especially if you’re anything like me and mid-evening decide, oh let’s do some blog photos. Uhm no, it’s too dark! I have managed to blog a few times and put a couple of videos online though so it’s not all bad.

Also January is my birthday month (hello, 30, whole new decade!) so that’s definitely not a negative, it didn’t even rain (too much) on my birthday either. I don’t think I get January blues exactly but it hasn’t felt like a get up and get stuff done month either, or at least it hasn’t for me. 

Go check out Victoria’s blog, it’ll cheer you up I promise.

Here’s hoping the January blues go away quickly as we get into February.

See Ya!



2 thoughts on “Blogger January Blues

  1. Yes, my self and those I love got sucked into the down spiral after the holidays. Hopfully this month gets a bit better. I am working hard to make changes for the better in my life but yes, the long winter days tend to just leave you feeling dull.

  2. I agree, January was a rough month. Especially with the polar vortex. Hopefully February will pick up a bit.

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