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Harry Potter Garden Art

Harry Potter Garden Art

I am a Harry Potter fan, you may have gathered that if you follow my Instagram.

Well, whilst thinking about and looking for new Harry Potter DIY’s to make I came across the idea of Garden Art.

I love gardening and am currently in the process of creating my seed order for this year and planning some changes to mums garden, I’ll tell you all about those during February.

I have made my own garden easier to garden for health purposes but there are also various corners which still need a bit of life.

After searching through Pinterest and my Film Wizardry book I was given for Christmas, I have decided to create some magical garden areas.

Oh yes, Luna Lovegoods garden will have nothing on mine when I’m finished, I shall try and keep you all updated but will of course post to my Instagram, I post my entire life on there anyway.

I can’t wait to come up with different areas and ideas, so exciting!

See Ya!



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