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Boobs. Big boobs, small boobs, pointy boobs, whatever kind of boobs you’ve got they’re annoying.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my boobs, I always have somewhere handy to hold a pencil, but there are certain things which drive me round the twist.

  • Boob sweat – what the hell, it’s bad enough that we have to cope with sweat anywhere but come the summer months if you have big boobs you have to deal with the boob sweat.
  • Ill fitting bras – no matter where I buy them or how many times I get measured, bras are never comfortable and as someone with big boobs, ridiculously expensive.
  • Hormonal swelling – its just a bitch, they get bigger, sorer and sweatier, great.
  • Shirts – yes, shirts are a pain if you have big boobs, you will always get the gap and the only way to deal with it is a safety pin or a shirt so enormous you could fit a small elephant in it.
  • Arm pit trapping – this is a thing I promise, if you’re bra-less then at some point you will trap your boob under your arm, ouch.
  • Baths – it’s very rare that you will find a bath where you can fit both your knees and boobs under the water, all I want is a bath that I can sit in totally covered up to my neck.

Ok, complaining over, I should think about making a list of the good things about boobs.

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5 thoughts on “Boobs

  1. Boobs are weird appendages! I still remember being a young girl before puberty and having a flat chest… I had no idea my chest would “inflate” once I started puberty. At first I thought they were mosquito bites LOL and I didn’t understand why I was suddenly getting so much fat on my chest. I find it hilarious boobs are presented in a way where they’re deemed “sexy”, like those lingerie ads. The most annoying part of boobs to wash in the shower is the very bottom (where the bra cup wiring usually holds the boob in place) because I can’t see the underside unless I squish it. 😑

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