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Beads, Beads, Beads

Beads, Beads, Beads

Beads are so beautiful. I love them and I have a lot of them.

I use a fair amount of beads whilst making my dreamcatchers but I do like them to be organised.

I’m pretty happy providing they are at least organised by colour but for many of the smaller seed beads I want them by colour and size.

This is so I can find them when I want them, and them being messy causes me anxiety, which I hate, yes I get anxious about my beads being mixed up, we know I’m nuts lets just leave it shall we.

You could take all of my beads and mix them together and I would spend hours sorting them all back out again, it drives me round the twist.

When I make a dreamcatcher it usually has a colour theme and I like to be able to find the right colour of bead or the right size or both so organisation is key.

I like all of my craft supplies to be organised, I have a place for everything and always put it away when I’m finished with a project. My office regularly ends up looking as though a bombs hit it whilst I’m working but when I’m not it’s ridiculously tidy.

I also don’t start another project until I’ve finished the one I’m working on, the only time this rule goes out the window is when I was making Christmas gifts last year, I didn’t have enough time or space to finish each project before starting the next, I was a little on edge for most of Autumn.

Anyway, I’ve been finishing some dreamcatchers this week, they are now available in the shop if you’re interested, and my beads had all become a little messy, so, I spent 4 hours on Sunday afternoon sorting them out, yes 4 hours, I’m probably to only person I know who would spend 4 hours sorting beads out.

My mum will read this and be horrified that I spent 4 hours on something that wasn’t actually making anything, 4 hours of bead sorting is my mums worst nightmare, that’s 4 hours in which you could have created something!! What on earth are you doing?! One day I’m going to get hold of mums bead collection and organise it all, mwah ha ha ha, love ya mum x

Hmmm I spy a new series here, the crazy craft chronicles…

See Ya!



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