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Outhouse Organisation

Outhouse Organisation

The fact that I love cleaning and organising is nothing new, literally I love it.

What I really love though is when something has become so messy that you basically have to start over.

Last week I gutted the kitchen and it looks so nice! This week is the turn of the outhouse.

Our outhouse is literally next to our back door, 5 steps and a left turn and you’re there. We keep our tumble dryer in the outhouse as well as all our gardening tools, bird food and long ladders, it used to be organised, now its not.

So this week (probably today or maybe yesterday as I’m off work Thursday and Friday this week), the outhouse is getting gutted and organised.

I’m fairly certain there’s stuff in there from when we moved in in 2017 and it just needs to go, I also need to put up some shelves and make some space for other things which could be stored in there rather than the house.

Ooh it’s so exciting, I can’t wait.

See Ya!


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