Bendy joints can be annoying

I’m Hypermobile, meaning my joints are stretchier than they should be and are prone to injury.

Last Friday I was cleaning my house, doing washing, moving fridges etc, you know the basics. We have a tumble dryer and it’s in our outhouse as there is no room for it in the house, not a problem, it’s only 3 feet from the back door.

Well, my right ankle decided it really didn’t want to support me on the way to the tumble and I went over on it.

It’s nicely sprained but hasn’t been too painful but is swollen.

So I’m spending my evening (Saturday) sitting in bed with my foot on a cushion watching Greys Anatomy, of yeah, rock and roll! Oh and of course I have two dogs for company.

Honestly most of the time I don’t mind being bendy and stretchy, it can come in quite useful but when these things happen their just annoying.

See Ya!



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