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Beach Walks

Beach Walks

We only live 19 miles from the coast and my dad only lives a mile from it.

I don’t take enough advantage of this. It’s rare that I actually walk along the beach here or just sit and enjoy it considering how close we live to it.

Last week I was going to see dad and I decided to take Holly along with me. Dad had fallen out of his loft and broken a couple of ribs, he’s fine, he just needs to rest and is currently travelling to India for his annual holiday.

Ok, where was I? Oh yeah the coast.

There are lots of different beaches in South West Scotland, some are sandy, some are rocky, others are a combination. There are caves and lighthouses, sinking sand and rock pools, so many different options depending on what you want.

The beach near dads is a rocky one but I love it, it’s very quiet as most people prefer to walk on the sandy areas rather than the rock.

Holly and I had a lovely walk, it was chilly and a bit overcast but nice and refreshing.

At one point Holly tried to lick a jelly fish! Fortunately she actually listened when I told her to leave it, which is pretty good for her, can you imagine if she’d actually licked it?

I really don’t want too, Holly has a bad reaction to bee stings, having received one a couple of years ago she had to have injections from the vet and had a swollen face for a couple of days, I dread to think what a Jellyfish would have done to her.

I really should make more of an effort to walk along the shore, it’s not far away and it’s beautiful, plus Holly really enjoyed herself.

See Ya!


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