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Smear Tests

Smear Tests

Yep, we’re gonna talk smear tests, sorry to any guys reading this but it’s happening.

In the simplest terms I can possibly think of, the smear test is designed to test for any abnormal cells in your cervix.

I can detect certain cancers or changes to your cervix, a vitally important factor in early detection and saving lives.

I never used to go for my smear test, the whole thing terrified me, that was until Jade Goody died.

If you don’t know who Jade Goody was then read this article

After that happened I got myself down to the GP’s surgery and I’ve never missed a smear test since.

Yes it’s gross and uncomfortable, but, for the 5 minutes it takes to do, it could save your life. The thought of it is also far worse than the actual test.

I think woman can get funny about their privates, I know I used to be really weird about them, only me or my significant other was ever allowed to see or touch them but if it’s a choice between flashing my fanny at the nurse and dying, i’ll choose the former thanks.

People poking around in your vagina is also far less embarrassing when you’ve had problems, or i’d imagine, after having kids.

About 8 years ago I started getting very itchy bits, like itchy to the point where i’d just have to scratch no matter where I was or who was watching.

I saw so many Dr’s all of whom had to have a good look and a swab and eventually one who showed me my fanny on a 32inch screen, once you’ve seen that you really don’t care.

As it turns out i’m actually allergic to washing powder and nothing else.

The point i’m trying to make is if you are offered your smear test go, it could make all the difference.

Plus it’s a good excuse to eat chocolate or have a bikini wax, although i’d take the chocolate.

See Ya!


8 thoughts on “Smear Tests

  1. Completely agree. I think any tests like this, however embarrassing, are worth doing. It’s better to be embarrassed for 5 minutes than end up with something serious that could have been prevented. And I just keep telling myself that they’ve seen it all before! 🙂 xxx

  2. I am not quite there yet with going in for a smear test. Honestly for me it is about being uncomfortable but also hard to bear in the sense I have never at this point been touched (I know it’s graphic but I feel I must to be to get my point across) as in no sexual contact of any kind from anyone and I have never uses a tampon or….adult toys. So not only am I afraid of it being uncomfortable but painful as well. The thing is I just don’t know how to get into the mindset of, “My bottom half needs to be naked in front of this stranger.” And I get that the exam is done in private and the doctor has seen many vaginas everyday from patients of all ages but I don’t know if I can stomach the terror I feel.

    1. Honestly once you’ve been once it’s fine. It is scary and even I’m uncomfortable flashing my bits at strangers but it’s better than the potential alternative xx

  3. It’s so important, years ago they spotted abnormal cells when I had a smear test. More tests followed and I had ‘pre-cervical’ cancer and needed laser treatment and all sorts. The thing is – if this hadn’t been spotted then who knows what might have happened. So I would definitely say make sure you are always up to date with your smear test because it can save your life 🙂

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