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So Dad… #3

So Dad… #3

…Crashed a plane.

Yep, on the 3rd January 1999 my dad lost control of his Glider and crashed into the side of  hill.

He was found by mountain rescue and taken to hospital where they discovered that he’d broken some vertebrae.

Fortunately he hadn’t damaged his spinal column and after surgery to fit plates and a very, very, very long recovery he could walk.

So here we are, 20 years later and he’s still got his plates but is still walking. He does have a bit of spine compression and pain but nothing major and it could have been so much worse.

Dad didn’t fly for a long time, commercial planes yes, gilders no, but he went back to it recently and even bought a share of a glider.

I don’t think I could get back in a plane of any kind after that happened, but I don’t get in planes anyway as they scare me, it’s the taking off and landing and that’s in a plane with engines.

The way dad takes off is to get launched by a winch off the top of a hill, barf! The whole point of a glider is to use air thermals to climb and then glide between them using the wings, far too terrifying for me.

Dad has always said that he would like his ashes throwing out of a plane, well sorry dad, Little sister can do that one cause I ain’t, I love you, but not that much.

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