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Moving to Scotland Part 4 Snowfall of 1996

Moving to Scotland Part 4 Snowfall of 1996

We moved to Scotland in the September of 1995.

Being from the North West of England snow over the winter months wasn’t unusual but in February 1996 we got a HUGE surprise…

…5 feet of snow.

Yep, that’s not an exaggeration, 5 feet fell in a matter of hours. I went to school in the morning and by 11am my dad had turned up to collect me, other students were being sent home and the school was closing.

When I got into the car, my mums fiat panda with bull bars, there was my mum and little sister, her school bus hadn’t been able to get through so had never even made it to school.

We went to the supermarket and got food, good old bread and milk, because if all else fails you have bread and milk, I’ve never understood this, why not stock up on potatoes and biscuits? What is it with bread and milk?

By the time we got home the snow was a couple of feet deep and we had to dig ourselves out on a couple of occasions as the car sank or the wheels just spun.

The next day there was 5 feet all around and people were being told that if they had ran out of food they should place a large cross outside and the RAF would drop a food parcel for them, not even kidding, we had plenty of food and fire wood and so little sister and I went out to play.

We just thought this was amazing, the first winter we lived in Scotland and we got this much snow! And of course we thought we would get this all the time, we don’t FYI, it’s actually rare that we get more than a couple of inches where we live.

We had so much fun. We built a toboggan run with an old plastic sheet, dug trenches to the barns, slept in the living room in-front of the fire as, on day 1 the power went off and that was us for 3 days.

We amused ourselves by playing outside until it was dark and then played Gin Rummy and other card games, played the guitar which usually sat in the corner and generally got pretty silly, it was great.

This is one of my favourite memories, we’ve never had snow like it since, last March got pretty close, we had a couple of feet but where hubby and I live had 5 foot drifts and got snowed in for 2 days.

But the fun we had, 2 kids, 5 feet of snow and some imagination can give you so much joy.

See Ya!

P.S. the featured image is not the snow, it’s a stock image from WordPress, I don’t have any pictures of the 1996 snow and neither did mum, we’re not sure why as we have pictures of everything else. You can find various bits about it on the internet but this link will take you to a BBC news story about the snow.



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  1. oh my god, I’ve never seen that much snow! I think the most we’ve had (or that I’ve witnessed) might have been 20cm or something. Belgium would be absolutely hopeless at handling so much snow. It would wreak havoc lol
    But I can imagine the dream for two little kids!

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