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Why I don’t do new years resolutions

Why I don’t do new years resolutions

Setting goals and new years resolutions is something I don’t do.

Saying I will do so and so by whatever date makes me anxious and nine times out of ten I end up either doing nothing or going in the opposite direction.

Diets are the prime example. As soon as a I say I’m on a diet I eat all the cake, well that what it feels like, whereas if I say I’m eating healthily i stick to it.

I find setting goals for anything really causes me stress and I can’t cope with stress. This doesn’t mean that I don’t accomplish things, I do, I just do them in my own time.

Yes I have deadlines for things, this blogmas millarky for example, but a deadline somehow doesn’t provoke crippling anxiety in the same way as calling it a goal.

I’m also a pretty stubborn person and will very rarely do anything someone else tells me to do, even if I’ve thought ‘oh I must do that washing up’ and two seconds later someone says you need to do the washing up, I won’t do it purely because someone else has told me to, I know childish isn’t it.

I also find January a pretty depressing month and giving yourself the resolution to get fit or loose 7lbs often doesn’t work. Why not say ‘I’m going to read a book’ or 10 books, something that perhaps isn’t obviously self improvement but more self care?

I feel that we shouldn’t need to set resolutions in order to improve or look after ourselves, we should be doing that all year anyway.

So, if you are someone who sets new years resolutions I give you a challenge, set your self something that will make you happy, and not something which you think will make you happy.

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