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Shall I make Videos?

Shall I make Videos?

I’m still not sure.

I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time but I’m also a little wary.

What would I make videos of? I’m very nosy so I like watching vlogs and I also love cleaning and organising and like watching people clean and organise things, I know, I’m weird, this has been established.

I created a YouTube channel about 6 months ago but never did anything about it and in the boxing day sales I picked up a small camera which would be useful for vlogging if I decided to do it.

I think fear is a big factor in my decision making here, I already put my life online through this blog and through my Instagram so sharing my daily life isn’t the issue, I’m not really sure what is.

My friend and I joked years ago about making videos, mainly because we find ourselves hilarious, we mostly spoke about doing comedy sketches, again because we find ourselves incredibly funny, I don’t actually think we are that funny but you never know.

Oh, well, I shall continue to think about it and see what 2019 brings.

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5 thoughts on “Shall I make Videos?

  1. I’d say go for it! I totally get how scary it is though, after deciding to start uploading to mine it took another 3 months to do a proper chatty video. x

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