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What I got for Christmas

What I got for Christmas

I am incredibly lucky.

I was given so many wonderful things for Christmas this year, below is just a small selection of them.


Home Improvement all 8 Seasons! Yes! I have wanted this for so long. I used to watch this when I was a teenager and loved it, still do.


A drawing set, sketch pads and new cutting mats, I draw all the time and use my current cutting mats all the time so these are really appreciated.



Harry Potter Film Wizardry book. I have wanted a copy of this for so long, I’ve bought it before for friends and family but now I have a copy.


2 pairs of beautiful wrist warmers, made by my mum. I get very cold hands but I need my fingers to be free so I can work, I love these.


The most beautiful Day of the Dead peg angel.


This cute little bird house. I wasn’t going to put it outside but I can’t deprive my garden birds of this lovely home.


Ah, so excited about this one, an external flash for my DSLR, YAS!


Each Christmas my step dad gets my sister an I a comical mug and this years was utterly brilliant! Little sister has one which says ‘youngest child, the rules don’t apply to me’.


Oh yeah, talking sorting hat, need I say more?


A whole box full of beads, charms, threads, cords, you name it, it was in this box, so much crafty goodness.


And last but by no means least, a full lighting kit! I have wanted proper photography lights for so long and now I have them, oh I am so so lucky!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa was also as good to you as he was to me.

See Ya!



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  1. The Home Improvement DVD makes me nostalgic of the days when that show still aired on tv regularly in my region. I was never really into the show but had it on sometimes because I was a kid who almost always had the tv on lol.

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