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Bad Drivers

Bad Drivers

Last Friday, hubby and I were supposed to be in Edinburgh visiting my granny in law and getting our food shopping, we didn’t make it and here’s why.

Some idiot decided that his need to overtake a lorry on a blind corner was far more important than the lives of anyone else on the road.

I was driving and managed not to crash but did have to swerve out of his way.

Why do people do stupid things on the road? At it seems to me, people get more stupid around the holidays.

Just take your time and show some consideration to others. We could have crashed head on and this festive season would have been very different.

I was in a bit of shock as I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before but I’m ok now.

See Ya!



5 thoughts on “Bad Drivers

  1. I agree people lose their minds around the holidays. People running stop lights and signs left and right. Just craziness. So glad you are okay. 😘

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