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Christmas day food

Christmas day food

Hubby and I aren’t having a roast on Christmas Day this year, in fact we’re doing nothing on Christmas Day.

This year, we’re going to have childrens party food from the 70’s and 80’s, Yas!

I love party food, my mum made some of the best party food when I was a kid and during the 80’s party food was pretty simple.

Cheese cubes and pickled onions or pineapple, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages etc etc. I’m going to do some Pinterest searching over the next few days so that I can make my shopping list.

We’re heading up to Edinburgh later this week to see family and we’re going to pop into Asda for our food.

One thing I will be making are toasted hotdogs, white bread rolled flat, put a hot dog in the middle and roll it tight with some tomato sauce then bake them in the oevn for about 20 mins, so good!

So the board games are all set up, we know what we’re going to eat, all we need now is the big day, yay!

What are your favourite childhood party foods?

See Ya!


4 thoughts on “Christmas day food

  1. I so wish my family would go for this idea I love it. I have always wanted a toned down more simple Christmas when it comes to the actual day. My favorite party food or get together food was the huge veggie tray my Step-Grandma always set out with ranch dip.

  2. Somehow this year, I have ended up hosting my very first Christmas so I’m looking to start new traditions. The toasted hotdogs sound so good. This year I found some little chicken bites in the shape of Christmas trees which I think will look so cute for nibbles!

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