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We’ve had Holly for 3 years today!

We’ve had Holly for 3 years today!

Yep, we’ve had this little monster for 3 years today.

In December 2015 I got a phone call from a friend, this pup had ended up with her and did I want it? Well, hubby and I had lost our other shepherd Daisy in June that year. I whipped round and there was this 6 month old bundle of white fluff, AKA Holly.

I brought her home and introduced her to Sam, now Sam can be tricky with other dogs, he doesn’t always like them, he sniffed Holly but that was it, in Sam speak she could stay and so she did.

He name wasn’t Holly when she arrived, we didn’t like the name she had and she didn’t know it so we changed it, very imaginative Christmas name I know.

So although Holly’s official birthday is June, today is her unofficial birthday! Yay!

Ok, I’m off to take the pups for a walk and have snuggles.

See Ya!



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