25 Things which bring me joy

Yep, the title might have given you a hint, but this is a list of 25 things which bring me joy at Christmas!

  1. Lights – lights everywhere and the more light the better
  2. Central heating – you find me one person who isn’t happy being warm when it’s cold
  3. Mince Pies – I love mince pies but weirdly I’ve never made them
  4. Wrapping presents – I love wrapping presents, love it
  5. Movies – Christmas movies are the best
  6. Christmas trees – Although it’s an odd thing to do, bring a tree indoors, I love them
  7. Decorations – Christmas decorations make me very happy, we’re not big on holiday decorating in the UK except at Christmas
  8. Chocolate – Mainly advent calendar chocolate, it’s like Easter egg chocolate it just tastes better
  9. Presents – Giving them and getting them
  10. Family – spending time with family is one of my favourite things
  11. Dark nights – this is an odd one as most people don’t like short days but at this time of year I really enjoy them, being all cosy and snuggled in the house
  12. Ginger cake – I love ginger cake and the only time of the year I make it is Christmas, it makes the house smell so good
  13. Cooking – I don’t like cooking at any other point in the year but Christmas is a different story, I love making party food in particular
  14. Cleaning! – So no surprise on this one but, my cleaning around Christmas just gets out of control
  15. Gift sets – Specifically bathroom gift sets, you get all sorts of things around this time of year that you don’t get for the rest of the year
  16. Kevin the Carrot – Yes, the Aldi Christmas mascot brings me immense joy
  17. Candles – I like candles all year round but particularly through the festive season, there’s nothing quite like candlelight
  18. Bread sauce – I love bread sauce and this time of year is the only time that we ever have it which makes it special
  19. Christmas Socks – I really like funny socks anyway but Christmas socks are just awesome
  20. Christmas Pyjamas – yep, no surprise here
  21. New slippers – Damn right I wear slippers and each Christmas I get a new pair
  22. Gin – I don’t drink very often and it doesn’t take much to make me feel merry and at this time of year, well anytime really, I drink Gin
  23. Party food – cheap sausage rolls are the best
  24. Cheese – I frickin love cheese, I try not to eat too much for the rest of the year but t  this time, give me all the cheese
  25. Eating until I feel sick – Food has always been a big part of Christmas for me and and my family and it still is, I love food, I love rich food and I love Christmas food

See Ya!



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  1. mrsglivingsimple

    Great List! I agree with you on the bathroom gift sets I adore them! Even if no one buys me any I but them for me! 😉 I love this list, you have inspired me!

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