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My love of Pyjamas

My love of Pyjamas

I have an obsession with pyjamas.

If I can wear pyjamas I will, not out of the house of course, but if i’m in the house that’s all I wear.

I buy new PJ’s every Christmas or someone will buy them for me but, given I wear them all the time, my favourite ones get worn our pretty quickly.

This year I’ve bought my own, 5 new pairs, yes 5, that’s how much I love them and how much I needed to replace my old ones.

I always make sure that I have a full weeks worth of them available, 7+ pairs are a must. I change them every day, I just can’t sleep in dirty pyjamas. At this comment you may be asking yourself ‘what is she doing to get her PJ’s dirty after one wear.

Well like I said, if I’m in the house that’s what I wear plus I get very hot and sweaty at night time, TMI I know, but you sleep like I do and you wouldn’t want to wear them more than once.

I get major hot flushes when I sleep, full on night sweats and it’s horrible, but I will also change into my pyjamas as soon as I get home from work so I can wear them for more than 12 hours a day.

I clean the house in them, blog in them, paint in them, honestly if I could come to work in them and not have people look at me like a i’m a loon I would.

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5 thoughts on “My love of Pyjamas

  1. I grew up wearing pjs to bed all the time. It was a very normal thing to do but I phased out of it in my college years. Not sure why but I would sleep and wake up really overheated even if it was in the dead of winter, to the point I would take off everything except my undergarments and just sleep with the blankets piled over myself. Now I can tolerate wearing a light cotton shirt although I still have nights where I wake up and I feel like a furnace. :/

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