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Wrap Those Presents

Wrap Those Presents

Because of my DIY Christmas this year, I also decided to make my own wrapping paper.

Well, I didn’t make the paper, I just decorated it but still, it wasn’t Christmas wrapping paper before I started.

I really like wrapping presents, for me it’s part of the whole gift giving experience. I just love making my presents look lovely on the outside as well as the inside.

Now would I recommend creating your own wrapping paper? Err no. I took me 12 hours to create the paper and then wrap all the presents up. I could have made the pattern easier and quicker but I wanted it to look festive and also fairly simple.

So how did I do this wonderful thing? Well it’s really really easy. I took a role of craft paper, a rubber stamp, gold ink and some string.

I stamped the paper all over with the stamp in a random pattern and then used it as I would any wrapping paper.

You can create a lot of paper this way for not a lot of money but quite a lot of time, ta da!

Why don’t you have a go at making some yourself?

See ya!

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