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Dog Gift Ideas

Dog Gift Ideas

As you may have noticed, or maybe not I dunno, I have 2 dogs.

Holly and Sam are basically my children and therefore my mums grandchildren. Every Christmas they get presents from everyone and they ‘buy’ presents for the other dogs in our family, their cousins Cooper and Finn, my sisters dogs and their uncle bandit, mums dog.

Each year mum makes all the dogs a selection of dog treats and toys, yes you read that right, my mum makes them dog treats.

They get dried beef, cheese biscuits and liver fudge, she makes Cooper special vegan versions because he’s allergic to protein.

Now, I usually buy the dogs toys for Christmas but given my DIY Christmas this year I need to think of some things I can make for them, although dogs toys are not expensive, well the ones I get for the dogs aren’t. Sam can destroy even supposedly indestructible toys within a few hours so it just isn’t worth the price, plus my dogs especially get more fun from destroying whatever they get anyway!

If however you are not making your own dog toys or treats this year I thought I’d share with you some of the items which I have bought (and probably will as i’m out of ideas) in the past for the pups.

Disclaimer: the links below direct you to Amazon items, these are affiliate links, meaning that, at no extra cost to you I may receive a commission.

Toy selection box. You get 10 toys in this box for £16 which is pretty good value for money, Sam and Holly still have some of the toys from the last one of these I bought.

Kong Squeekairs! Some dog owners worst nightmare – me included, squeeky toys are the bane of my life but it’s Christmas and Sam loves a good squeek.

Same and Holly love soft toys and the King teddys are a little more robust than most so last a little bit longer, although, Sam tends to suck on his until there’s nothing left, gross

Honking Duck! Sam loves these things but I have to admit to wanting to throw them out of the window after about 5 minutes, fortunately once Holly gets hold of them their honks don’t last long.

I also have a habit of buying the dogs new collars for Christmas, I know that they don’t care but I do, plus this particular one has a tag which is attached to the collar and can’t fall off, which for Holly is ideal, she’s lost 4 previous tags!

So there you have it, things my spoiled hounds and our other family dogs get from me for Christmas, what are you buying your pets for Christmas?

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2 thoughts on “Dog Gift Ideas

  1. Love this post. Will defo be checking out the selection boxes with your. Mine are all getting crackers this year from my nana and granda I don’t get paid till christmas eve so it’s gonna be in the sales I buy stuff. Which suits me. Ha ha ha!!!
    Brilliant post gorgeous!!!

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