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My Family Christmas

My Family Christmas

We have always had a very hectic family Christmas, when and where we are has changed over the years but we still see lots of family and friends over the festive period.

Now little sister and I are older (no wiser, I might add) and we have our own families and in laws etc our Christmases are different but no less special than they were when I was a child, if you haven’t checked out my 80’s Christmas post you should, it’s awesome.

Since I was a child we have always had an extended Christmas, starting on Christmas eve, and that is still the case.

On Christmas eve we either go to my mums or have my in laws over for dinner, Christmas day is either again with mum and step dad or the in laws depending on the year.

Boxing day is blissfully just hubby and I, veging out of the sofa and eating anything available.

Then on the 27th we have boxing day the 2nd. For a number of years this was at my house with my cousin and some friends, my cousin would always come and stay between Christmas and New year, last year we had boxing day the 2nd with my Aunt and cousin in Cheshire.

I always spend the 28th making a birthday cake for a best mates son who’s Birthday is on the 29th.

So it’s usually a pretty full on family holiday for us. This year will be a little different though to the usual cram packed schedule but that’s for another post.



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