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Family food favourites

Family food favourites

My go to Christmas cook book is Nigella Christmas.

It has become the only cookbook I use at Christmas time and the book with most of our favourite family Christmas food.

Over the years I have made tiny adjustments to the recipes to fit our personal tastes but all of the recipes are fantastic just as they are.

I was trying to find an amazon link to the book but I can only find her Christmas Collection, which is also well worth the investment.

Below are links to some of our favourite recipes, some of these links I’ve has to find through google searches as they are no longer available on Nigellas’ own website.

Cranberry soy glazed cocktail sausages

These things are amazing! I make them at least 3 times over the festive period and if I don’t make them I’m in trouble.

butternut and sweet potato soup

This is not the recipe in the Christmas book but it’s pretty similar, the Christmas recipe has a blue cheese swirl though, yum yum yum yum

girdlebuster pie

If you’re going to make this, wear loose trousers, cause you will need them!

Tiramisu layer cake

Best cake ever! I do however make a variation of this which I will share later in the month.

brussels sprouts with chestnuts pancetta and parsley

I like sprouts, but I like these better, they are so delicious I could eat an entire bowl on its on.

Sticky gingerbread

My step dad and I are ginger-cake connoisseurs and this is the only ginger-cake I will make. I’ve tried many recipes but none come close to this one.

I think that’s enough to be going on with, it really is a fantastic cookbook and so indulgent for the festive period.

If you only try one recipe you need to try the ginger-cake, or maybe the sausages, or maybe to Tiramisu cake, Oh just try them all!

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